La Valette – Tour de ses oratoires

AVEC PHOTO ORATOIRE JESUITES – One of the oratories at the Jesuits church, Valletta.

One of the oratories at the Jesuits church, Valletta.



Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar is organising a tour of Valletta’s oratories tomorrow morning.

While many are aware of the main churches in the capital city, few appreciate the splendour of their attached oratories.

Although some may not be in an ideal state of preservation, the oratories offer an overview of baroque art in Malta in the latter half of the 17th century, showcasing works by the protagonists in Maltese art at the time, most notably Mattia Preti, Stefano Erardi and Giuseppe D’Arena.

The tour will visit the oratories of the Onorati and of the Immaculate Conception, both at the Jesuits church; of the Eucharist at the Dominican convent; of Charity at St Paul Shipwrecked church, and of the Crucifix at St Mary of Jesus church.

Participants will learn about the works of art, their patronage and context, as well as the structures of the oratories and confraternities, and their important role in society at the time.

The tour will be led by Frederica Agius, a PhD candidate and part-time lecturer at the University of Malta who specialises in 17th-century baroque art, with an interest in late 19th-century Eclecticism.

The FAA tour of Valletta oratories will be held tomorrow morning, starting at 9am. For bookings, visit