Entrée de La Valette – projet 2009 et entrée actuelle

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Etat des lieux. 2012 – Crédit : VASSALO MALTA


2009 – 3D en 4 minutes
+ Plans RPBW jusqu’en 2015 – GHRC Malta – 6 minutes  »

Valletta, the capital city of Malta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the 2018 European Capital of Culture, was the centrepiece in this architectural project which rethinks the entrance into this fortified city.

The project gives the entrance back to the people as it extends the pedestrian zones leading to the gate. The ditch is also subject to a major change in use where it will now house a garden and open space emphasis on the history of Valletta.

The project is a continuation to the City Gate Project design by Renzo Piano Building Workshop. The design was consulted with RPBW and uses the same paving material and pattern. It is also an excellent example of coordination with a number of different entities both from the private and the public sector, with the Grand Harbour Regeneration Corporation (GHRC) leading the design and management teams. »
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