Eglise Santa Barbara, La Valette

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La 1ère église que vous rencontrez en entrant dans la Valette par CIty Gate.

A droite dès le début de Republic Street / Triq ir-Repubblika.

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Données de National Inventory of the Cultural Property of the Maltese Islands, de Superintendence of Cultural Heritage ( ),  :

The first church of St. Barbara on the site was built in 1585 at the time of
Grand Master Hugues de Loubenx Verdalle (1581-1595). In 1737 it was
replaced by the present church, designed by Maltese architect Giuseppe
Bonnici (1707-1779). Thischurch was erected by the Langue of Provence, the senior Langue of the Order. The gilt bronze statue, erected in 1904 on the entrance, represents the Madonna of the Immaculate Conception. It is a faithful replica of the one erected in 1855 by Pope Pius IX(1846-1878) in Piazzadi Spagna, Rome. By a decree given by the Sacred Consistorial Congregationon October 10, 1966 the church was entrusted with the spiritual welfare of theEnglish, German and French communities in Malta.

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Built in 1573 on Giuseppe Bonnici’s plan for the Provence Langue of the Order, it was the church of the bombardiers and many of them are buried in the crypt. It was restored in 1601 and completely rebuilt in 1739. For the occasion of the 1904 Jubilee of the Immacuate Conception, a gilt statue of Our Lady was placed in a niche on top of the main doorway. Today it is the parish church for French and German speaking residents in Malta.

Church dedicated to St Barbara – The present sacristy was part of the original church built in 1573. The church was rebuilt in 1739. During the time of the Order of St John, it was the church of the bombardiers and many of them are buried in the crypt. In 1904 a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary was placed in the facade of the church to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the proclamation of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception. Today it is the parish church for the english, french an german speaking residents in Malta.



The Church of St Barbara

The Church of Saint Barbara : originally the official church of the Langue of Provence. The exterior was designed by the accomplished Italian architect Romano Carapecchia, and construction of the church started in 1739. The interior was completed by the Maltese architect Giuseppe Bonnici as Carapecchia died before the church was completed.

The façade of the church is typical of the baroque style and the central pediment supports a large gilded statue of Our Lady. Internally, the church is centrally planned (one cell), having an elliptical dome typical of the baroque period and which is a very rare feature in local churches. This, combined with the semi-circular choir provide a very interesting
planimetric innovation, which is unique. St Barbara is the patron saint of gunners and for centuries the Confraternita dei Bombardieri (artillerymen) held their religious services at this church.


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