Charles Frederick von Borcktorff

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Article Times of Malta de 2007 « The German infantry officer who painted Malta » – en anglais –



The National Library of Malta has decided to publish a book consisting of 89 watercolours depicting views of Malta by Charles Frederick de Brocktorff (1775/85 to 1850), an artist of German origin who resided on the island in the first half of the 19th century.

Mr Brocktorff had fought in the Napoleonic wars as an infantry officer with the forces of the Electorate of Hanover before moving to England after 1809. When he settled in Malta in circa 1810, he opened an art studio in Valletta where his business prospered and his four artist sons eventually joined to continue to enrich the family enterprise.

Two albums containing the watercolours at the National Library were respectively catalogued as library manuscripts 1147 and 1161.

The two collections of watercolours represent various views of Malta and Gozo as well as works that thematically pertain to Maltese popular culture.

Mr Brocktorff, who painted mainly for visitors and servicemen, captured whatever was interesting to foreign eyes, such as St John’s Co-Cathedral, the Governor’s Palace, the Auberges, the Public Library and magnificent views of the Grand Harbour.

He also portrayed various classes of Maltese society for the benefit of English buyers who were curious to know how the Maltese lived.

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