A proximité de La Valette : FLORIANA

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Are you interested in Malta’s cultural heritage and architecture? Would you like to know more about the locality of Floriana

Over the years, our tours have become a very popular educational and cultural experience for those interested in knowing more about past traditions, techniques used in construction, the origins of our localities, practices in urban planning and more.

Vous souhaitez découvrir Florian? Simple, avec le site de la  municipalité. Un site dynamique avec carte et brève description de chaque site d’intérêt figurant sur cette carte.

Mieux encore, téléchargez la brochure Historic Walks in a Green City, en collaboration avec Din l-Art Ħelwa (1)… http://dinlarthelwa.org/


Safeguarding our heritage for future generations

(1) Din l-Art Ħelwa, National Trust of Malta, is a non-governmental, not-for-profit, voluntary organisation founded in 1965 to safeguard the historic, artistic and natural heritage of Malta. Since its foundation, Din l-Art Ħelwa has restored and managed numerous cultural sites of immense historic and environmental importance.

We promote the preservation and protection of historic buildings and monuments, the character of our towns and villages, and places of natural beauty and importance and the flora and fauna of such places, especially in relation to the problems arising from modern urban development. We stimulate the enforcement of existing laws and the enactment



L’actuelle localité de Floriana remonterait à 1634.
The locality of Floriana which dates back to 1634, offers an immense heritage experience with unravelling details about its planning aspect.

Pour la découvrir, allez « browser » sur le site de la municipalité, très riche en informations relatives au patrimoine historique et architectural de la ville :

avec carte sur laquelle figure les différents sites d’intérêt ainsi qu’une courte description de chacune de ces sites.



Titre :Floriana Heritage -Floriana offers an immense heritage and a rich history and we invite you to discover it through this dynamic web page. The buildings, churches, gardens and monuments provide an insight into Malta’s political and social past form the time of the Knights of St. John to this present day.




Floriana, du nom de Pietro Paolo Floriani, architecte militaire qui fut le concepteur des fortifications appelée Floriana Lines, dont la construction débuta en 1636.
Ces lignes de fortifications, datant d’avant la construction de la cité-forteresse de La Valette, avaient pour but de …. / étaient destinées à …

Fin XVIIIème, alors que La Valette attirait de plus en plus de monde, dont de nombreux travailleurs … Le grand maître António Manoel de Vilhena décida de créer un faubourg à La Valette ; celui-ci prit le nom de Borgo Vilhena.

Il est aussi appelé Floriana, son nom le plus commun aujourd’hui.

the locality of Floriana, also known as Citta’ Vilhena.


Floriana – Its planning aspects

Pourquoi Floriana est-elle intéressante à connaître, depuis son origine ?

The buildings, churches and monuments in this locality provide an insight into Malta’s political and social past from the time of the Knights of St John to the present day.

buildings of particular interest, insite into the extensive baroque fortifications built by the Knights, typical characteristics of Urban Conservation Areas and places of historical appeal including gardens, churches and other interesting sites and features.


Floriana – Lieux et sites d’intérêt


Floriana has no less than 15 gardens.




En savoir plus encore sur Floriana : informations de sa Municipalité :

Voici un petit tour patrimonial et historique : https://www.florianalocalcouncil.com/2017/09/15/a-tour-of-floriana-and-its-heritage-borgo-vilhena/ »

« « Conçue par Pietro Paolo Floriani, les fortifications de Floriana ont été commencées en 1636 afin de garder les troupes ennemies aussi loin que possible de La Valette.Les travaux sur les fortifications de Floriana ont continué jusque dans les années 1720. La zone entre Floriana Lines et La Valletta en 1724, lorsque le Grand Maître António Manoel de Vilhena a fondé la banlieue de Borgo Vilhena.

Au cours de cette tournée, entendre des histoires liées à l’héritage religieux de Floriana, son association avec l’Ordre de Saint-Jean et les Fusiliers irlandais, ainsi que des histoires fascinantes de ses gens et des personnalités éminentes. Nous visiterons des lieux d’intérêt comme la crypte des Capucins et les différents monuments de Floriana … « 


Designed by Pietro Paolo Floriani, Floriana’s fortifications were started in 1636 in order to keep enemy troops as far as possible from Valletta. Work on Floriana’s fortifications continued until the 1720s. The area between the Floriana Lines and the Valletta land front began to be built up in 1724, when Grand Master António Manoel de Vilhena founded the suburb Borgo Vilhena.

During this tour, hear stories related to Floriana’s religious heritage, its association with the Order of St John and the Irish Fusiliers, as well as fascinating tales of its people and prominent personalities. We will visit places of interest including the Capuchin Friary’s Crypt and Floriana’s various monuments… »

Extrait de : https://www.florianalocalcouncil.com/2017/09/15/a-tour-of-floriana-and-its-heritage-borgo-vilhena/



A proximité de La Valette, devant la gigantesque Fontaine aux Tritons, n’hésitez pas à aller prendre le calme dans « The Mall ».

« The Mall is a promenade of 400 yards lined with trees and ponds. It was built by Grandmaster Lascaris in 1656 for the recreation of the Knights. Until the year 1942, the gardens were enclosed by high walls but, after the war, these walls were replaced by a lower boundary wall with iron railings to be visible from the street. The name “Mall” is derived from a then popular game (Maglio) practiced by the Knights, which consisted of a fairly large wooden sphere which had to be pushed along a path (Golf style) by a heavy mallet, the winner being the one who reaches the target with a pre-determined number of strokes. Nine monuments commemorating prominent Maltese personalities are located along this garden. The Mall lies along an axis stretching from Fort St Elmo at the tip of Valletta, along Republic Street, along the Mall and on to St Philip Bastion. The garden was opened to the public by Sir Alexander Ball, Governor of Maltese Islands, in the name of King George III. » – Source : Municipalité de FLoriana – https://www.florianalocalcouncil.com/2017/04/03/the-mall/



Cette brochure diffusée par la municipalité de Floriana, en collaboration avec l’association de suavgarde du patrimoine

vous renseignera largement sur

Cliquer pour accéder à floriana-walks-final.pdf


Prochaine visites guidées programmées en 2018 :

Début de parcours : Planning Authority’s offices à Floriana, 9h00 – Fin vers 12H30.

Dimanches : 28th January -18th February – 25th March – 22nd April – 6th May

Pour tous détails, contacter : 22902021/9942 5222

Mail : tours@pa.org.mt.

Prix : 3 €
This tour allows us to fund raise for a good cause. The Euro 3 fee will be donated to Hospice Movement.


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